Health & Safety Policy Statement

At Netting Services (Northern) Ltd we are committed to the prevention of injury and ill health and we strive for zero harm. Our objective is to provide, in the delivery of our solutions and services, a safe and healthy working environment for all stakeholders. This goes beyond the minimum standard of complying with legislation and includes complying with other H&S requirements to which we subscribe.

Our policy is:
To require all managers to demonstrate leadership and commitment to this policy and the health and safety aims and objectives set out from time to time by Netting Services (Northern) Ltd and its operating companies;
To provide every employee with adequate information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure that they have the necessary competence to make a responsible and informed contribution to the H&S of themselves and others;
To work with key partners, subcontractors and suppliers to help them implement this policy on our projects and to support our health & safety aims and objectives;
To openly admit, discuss and learn from our mistakes and failures;
To continually improve our performance and culture through development of our systems, procedures and programs;
For top management to establish and review annual H&S objectives and targets for our activities, products and services;
To provide opportunities for effective consultation and participation;
Through our design, production and installation methods, to ensure our activities are risk assessed and all reasonable practicable measures taken to eliminate or reduce risks;
To apply a systematic and measurable approach to monitoring our performance, through the use of leading and lagging indicators and independent audits;
To adopt a management approach consistent with our HSE principles and ISO 45001 on Health & Safety Management systems.

The Managing Director is responsible for implementing this policy, bringing it to the attention of all our employees and key partners, subcontractors and suppliers and for the maintenance of associated documentation and programmes. This policy will be regularly monitored and periodically reviewed.

Kevin Lloyd
Managing Director
Netting Services (Northern) Ltd